We Provide the Right Medication for You via Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenetic testing, also referred to as pharmacogenomics, drug-gene testing, or PGX, as it is commonly abbreviated, is a type of testing where a person’s genetic data is utilized to make better decisions on prescribing drugs or medicine. The reason why this test is conducted is that it eliminates or minimizes the chances of risks associated with drug overdose or intake of non-suitable medicines or drugs. Our primary goal is to help people find the right type of medicine or drug that will make drug absorption smooth and easy.

Pharmacogenetic Testing Helps You Find The Right Medicine!

All of us have a different genetic structure, which means one drug prescribed for one individual may not be suitable for another person. This means one treatment regimen may work well for one individual, but not for other individuals as it may cause adverse effects on them. At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we provide clinically relevant, and medically actionable data with proven results that allows our physicians and medical experts to make better informed treatment decisions.

How is it done?

The testing process is very simple. A little saliva or a blood sample can help determine what impact it will bring on your health, whether or not the medication is an effective treatment for you. At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), our healthcare practitioners will prescribe treatment or medication that is best suitable for you in your condition by measuring the variable responses to medication.

At CCSH, we unlock the mystery related to drug regimen change or prescription addiction via PDX testing. We know that prescription medication can have side effects and often create unwanted reactions, which can negatively affect one’s metabolism and drug digestion or absorption. The point is our gene influences our body’s response to prescribed medication. So, to be sure whether or not, the medicine or drug will be suitable for your body, it is ideal to go for drug-gene testing to know how your body will react when the medicine is consumed.

Helpful For People With Sexual Disorder, As They Get To Know The Right Medicine For Their Situation!

People with unique sexual health deficiencies have to be very careful and thoughtful when consuming different drugs or medicines for improving their sexual healthcare needs. It would be ideal to get such sexual tablets/drugs/medicines tested first if you expect them to work well for you. At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we first analyze your current medical situation and history and come up with the finest medication for you. We also take into our account your age, sex, weight, metabolism rate, and lifestyle: this is what helps us choose the right treatment for you.

At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we specialize in sex therapy in Westlake Village and cater to the entire continuum of sexually-related issues and also provide pharmacogenetic testing services for helping you make better and more informed decisions vis-à-vis drug responses and impact.

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