Partners Group

What Is A Partners Group?

A partners group is a form of counseling or support group that couples join to help them overcome the issues plaguing their relationship due to the sexual, behavioral, and inimical problems affecting one or both of the partners. A partners group is nothing like the couples therapy sessions that couples have to undergo. In fact, partners groups are more like individual support groups.

Why Should Couples Join A Partners Group?

The aim of a partners group is to help couples deal with their issues together and to help develop a feeling of mutual support. Partners groups work on communication between couples, and develop trust through teambuilding exercises. Furthermore, the discussions and tasks that take place in the controlled environment of the group, train couples on how they can deal with various live scenarios.

Partners groups help couples identify the issues in their relationship, factors that lead to arguments and problems, and finally enable them to deal with these conflicts. Furthermore, it allows the partners with behavioral and psychological issues, or a sexual disorder, to trust their partner more; and with the help of their partner, the affected individual can correct their personality issues.

The partners of the afflicted people learn how to properly and patiently support and help their partners with the issues they are facing, whilst getting a chance to learn more about their partners. Overall, joining a partners group is a good idea for any couple undergoing sexual addictions and other such problems, especially if they plan to stay in the relationship for a long time.

While couples can decide that only the person afflicted with the disorder should attend a targeted group, it is a better idea to join a partners group, as it also accelerates relationship building and bonding.

Is It A Better Idea Than Therapy?

Therapy and counseling sessions have their own advantages. Whether a person should join a partners group or attend therapy sessions (individual or couples’ therapy), depends solely on the condition of the patient. A person with extreme behavioral issues or a severe sexual addiction is more likely to be prescribed a combination of sessions with both a therapist and in a support group.

Therapy provides targeted counseling and helps the patients through private sessions in order to assist them in overcoming their personal and behavioral issues. Partners group focuses more on the couple’s side of things,such as how they should deal with social situations and the issues between them. Partners groups help couples deal with everything together, so they can move towards a healthier path.

There is a common misconception that therapy is more credible since a psychologist or psychiatrist is the one dealing with the issues. In addition, a partners group is considered less credible and effective, since a counselor or psychologist is not always heading it. Nonetheless, this assumption is wrong, since only a professional trained to deal with people and situations related to sexual and behavioral issues is kept in charge of partners groups.

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