Workshop for Men on Deceptive Sexuality Trauma

Friday, June 21st

4 PM -7 PM

Saturday, June 22nd

9 AM -6 PM

Sunday, June 23rd

9 AM – 2 PM

Location:  2660 Townsgate Road. Suite 520 Westlake Village, CA 91361

Level One: Illumination

Deceptive, Compartmentalized, Sexual/Relational Realities (DCSR), otherwise known as “secret sexual basements”, involve the victimization of others through deceptive sexuality and patterns of psychological, emotional, and relational abuse. The DST Model proposes that compulsive-entitled sexuality (CES) and integrity-abuse disorder (IAD) enable individuals to behave in ways that are abusive by preventing their partners from being able to have an accurate knowledge of the truth in their relationship. Hence, partners are unable to respond in healthy ways. This process leads to significant traumatic symptoms and injuries for both partners in the relationship and their family members. The goal of this workshop is to illuminate the problem, gain understanding of the traumatic impact, and learn new ways to stop the abuse and cultivate healing for all involved.

Workshop Fee: $2,500.00

Limited to 8 registrants.

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