Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder


This diagnosis refers to a condition of unsolicited genital arousal that pierces the years for hours or days despite the absence of sexual desire or sexual stimulation. It may lead to one or multiple orgasms (whether self, partnered, or even spontaneously induce), which provide only temporary relief. The feeling of genital arousal persists, often without any sexual thoughts or fantasies, sometimes without warning and without being provoked in any obvious systematic way. These sensations of arousal are usually experienced as extremely distressing and worrisome. Women who complain of PGAD are diverse in presentation. For example, married or single, postmenopausal, premenopausal, heterosexual or homosexual. They are all alike in describing their major complaint on the sensations of persistent feelings of vaginal vasocongestion and other signs of sexual arousal in the absence of any deliberate attempt to invoke either desire or arousal. These sensations of arousal have led to attempts to satisfy the arousal – either alone or with partner stimulation. Despite the experience of multiple orgasms, the feelings of arousal persist for hours or days. It is this dynamic of the condition that is ultimately distressing.