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The quest for love, passion, lust, desire, and living a healthy sexually satisfied life is a life-long journey. In a person’s life, there can be instances when sexual vitality and aggressiveness is no longer the same as it used to be. This may happen due to several factors such as aging or diminishing mental/sexual health, and could result in depression, anxiety, stress, and mental and physical traumas, among many other issues. Similarly, too much sex, alcohol, and drug intake can also lead to self-destructive sexual behavior, porn/love/sex addiction, dependency, or sexual dysfunctions or disorders.

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Addressing your sexual problems is no easy feat. Whether you are going through an awkward phase or experiencing significant life changes such as loss counseling can make things easier.

Not all sexual behaviors show up as an addictive disorder. Sometimes you have to make an in-depth analysis before finding a diagnosis of sexual addiction. At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we help find a diagnosis of sexual addiction or sexually-related compulsive behavior via basic 3 C’s characteristics model; Control, Consequences, Compulsivity.

First, two C’s are rather simple and easily understandable. However, compulsivity is all about continually thinking out-of-control sexual behavior even if a person does not want to. At Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we provide custom-tailored counseling or therapy to individuals who have different sexually-related compulsive behavior disorders.

Professionals or clinical therapists from all across the globe use these 3 C’s to access and determine one’s range of sexual addiction and decide whether a problem may exist. There is a continuum of behaviors that range from masturbation and pornography through sexual exploitation. All can be determined through this test developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who is the pioneer to work with individuals exhibiting compulsivity around their sexual behaviors.

AnchorAt the Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we specialize in sex therapy in Westlake Village and cater to the entire continuum of sexually-related issues, from mental health, sexual health, family, and marriage counseling issues, to psychiatric services and pharmacogenetic testing. We also specialize in treating sexual dysfunction, porn addiction, love addiction, and sexually compulsive behaviors/addictions.

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