Male Intimacy Disorder Group

Intimacy disorder, or the fear of intimacy in men, results in a person avoiding any sort of closeness or intimacy in relationships. This disorder not only leaves a negative impact on the person affected by it, but also on the other person in the relationship who might feel confused, frustrated, and hurt.

Symptoms of Intimacy Disorder

If a person experiences most or all of these signs and symptoms, then it is possible that he or she has intimacy issues.

  • Fear of revealing one’s true feelings, especially what they feel deeply
  • Trouble showcasing one’s needs
  • Feelings of uneasiness or having a hard time expressing fundamental emotional truths about oneself
  • Fear of showcasing feeling of concern for their distressed partner
  • Having trouble discussing personal experiences that are unpleasant to him/her
  • Having a hard time discussing personal experiences that are emotionally painful to him/her
  • Fear of long-term relationships and commitment
  • Fear of learning about a partner’s serious personal issues
  • Being closed off regarding one’s personal goals
  • Feeling uneasy discussing shameful situations
  • Being closed off about disclosing personal information to a partner or having a hard time trusting one’s partner
  • Feeling discomfort or uneasiness expressing affection
  • Having trouble being spontaneous around one’s partner
  • Fearing that one’s partner is more attached to him/her or need him/her more
  • Having issues communicating openly in the relationship
  • Fearing that one’s partner might become emotionally attached
  • Being uneasy while discussing issues related to the relationship

Causes of Intimacy Disorders

  1. Childhood abuse of any kind whether it is mental, physical, or sexual, is the most common cause of a person developing intimacy issues.
  2. A negative self-image and poor self-esteem can result in a man developing a fear of getting intimate due to insecurities or feelings of unworthiness.
  3. A person who has dealt with any kind of trauma or abuse in a relationship, or has had a bad experience, is less likely to engage in intimate relationships or acts. Intimacy disorder can be caused by the fear of getting close to anyone and going through the same thing they did in their previous relationship.
  4. Performance anxiety plays a herculean role in sparking intimacy fears in men. A man who feels that he will not be able to perform well, or fears that the other person might react badly, is plagued by an intimacy disorder.
  5. Addictions can also play with a person’s mind without him even realizing. His reactions and reservations towards intimacy or their lack of interest might not be logical,but he will not be able to do anything about it, without proper treatment or counseling.

How Can Male Intimacy Disorder Groups Help?

The function of proper male intimacy disorder groups is to bring the patients together so they can move towards a healthier path, without feeling alone. These groups aim at replacing negative and unreasonable thoughts with logical ones through effective communication, support, and empathy. Counselors in these groups are fully trained to provide patients with the psychological and emotional support that they need.

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