Psychological-Related Testing and Evaluation

There are vast psychological testing and assessment initiatives that can help determine the psychological, neurological, or physical state of a person who is suffering from sexually-related compulsive behavior. Psychological testing reveals a lot about a person, which further helps professionals/therapists observe a patient’s impulsive sexual behavior to help diagnosis and provide a treatment plan.

At the Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH) in Ventura County, California, we gain insights into your relationship dynamics and help you build a stronger relationship with your partner. We have highly trained therapists and clinical experts who can help repair emotional wounds and traumas.

At the Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we can help treat sexually-related compulsive behaviors among men and women utilizing psychological testing and treatment.

Testing To Help You Choose The Right Treatment Plan!

Pharmacogenetic or other similar types of testing may sound intimidating at first. They are designed to support treatment for mental, behavioral, and sexual conditions. At the Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), our clinicians will provide you a treatment plan after evaluating testing results, assessments, and clinical interviews.

At the Counseling Center for Sexual Health (CCSH), we treat sexual dysfunction, porn addiction, love addiction, sex addiction, and other similar sexually-related compulsive behavior among teens, adults, and older adults of all races, age, religions, and ethnicities.

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